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Configure an emulator

Configuring an emulator

During this tutorial, we will need to launch our application several times to see how it responds to the code we assigned it. To do this, Android Studio allows to configure an emulator, somewhat greedy on small configurations but very configurable. Thus, you will have the possibility to test your application on several phones with different versions of Android.

To configure one of your phones, click the following icon:

Configurer un émulateur

Then click on « Create Virtual Device »:

Configurer un émulateur

Then choose the phone of your choice (Basic Nexus 5):

Configurer un émulateur

Choose the system version (Basic Nougat):

Configurer un émulateur

Assign a name to your machine and click « Finish »!

Configurer un émulateur

And here is your emulator is ready, now return to the menu and click the play button:

Configurer un émulateur

You will then be able to choose which machine will launch your application!

Configurer un émulateur

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